Escarpment lands under pressure

One cannot help but notice the visual impact of new development on the face of the escarpment in the Coorabell locality in the New South Wales Byron Shire.

Access roads crisscrossing the escarpment face and building structures that stand out and cannot go un-noticed.  These infrastructures are located on environmentally sensitive lands, that are supposed to be protected by existing land use planning legislation. Much more care should have been taken in their placement.

It seems that this type of development is now becoming the norm, with little or no restraint action being taken by the regulatory authorities. Over the years I have made representation to Local Government and relevant Government Agencies, generally receiving inadequate responses.

If the local government authority is not prepared to uphold its own planning policy in the Coorabell Escarpment locality, being a 7 (d) Scenic / Escarpment Protection Zone, then the proper protection of environmentally sensitive lands is lost now, and to future generations.

The Land Surveyor has always had a close relationship with the land. Associated with my work, at least, are accepted responsibilities in the consideration of social and environmental consequences which may impact upon the land.

Be informed, it is all too late when the noise of the earthmoving machinery is heard.

11 March 2010 update –  In response to requests, example photographs are provided. Left click to enlarge photos.

Taken from Myocum Road 2 October 2008

Taken from Myocum Road 9 March 2010

Taken from Kennedys Lane 16 October 2009

Taken from Kennedys Lane 9 March 2010

Coorabell Escarpment ~ Source ~ Google Map ~ added 13 April 2011