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Robert’s chat with ChatGPT about his “wet macular degeneration”.

“I do not see myself as a candidate for possible new medical therapy technologies,
to restore, or even improve my eyesight, in my lifetime.  I hope I am wrong”.

Robert, about his wet macular degeneration, March 2023.

“Despite advances in medical technology, many blindness conditions cannot be cured,
and blindness remains a major cause of disability worldwide”.
ChatGPT, AI, March 2023.

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
All the king’s horses and all the king’s men
Couldn’t put Humpty together again.

“Juvenile Amusements” by Samuel Arnold, Pub. 1810.


The very first time I was diagnosed with “wet macular degeneration”, I had never heard of that before. Now, 30 years later, I have acquired the necessary credentials, experience and information to ask pertinent questions about wet MD to an online artificial intelligence platform, being ChatGPT, AI.  Refer to my PDFs numbered 1 to 6 below.

The only person who truly understands the impact of permanent vision loss, whole or part, is the person who actually experiences that trauma.  My questions to the AI are from the perspective of a person who knows and understands the consequences of severe vision loss.  A better understanding of all issues means developing better coping mechanisms for dealing with wet MD.  This posting may be of assistance to others who have had similar experiences and have unanswered questions.

How has this posting been created and developed?  With the dedicated assistance of my wife Gillian, of course!  I dictate the questions to Gillian, who then types it into the AI question box provided, hits the enter button, then the AI responds with the answer, which Gillian then reads to me.  Depending on the answer received, more delving questions can be asked.



Disclaimer 19  March 2023
Robert’s extract conversations with ChatGPT, AI,
relating to his online posting about his “wet macular degeneration”.
Always consult your professional registered health specialists, if in any doubt.
The evaluation of the merit, accuracy, bias and limitations of the AI responses
to my questions, is left to the individual reader.
PDF documents, numbered 1 to 6, are to be read in conjunction with this online posting.
Caveat emptor applies.


To view your selected PDF, click on the blue underlined pages link for each numbered section.


Synopsis summaries of Robert’s whole chat.

The meaning of GPT in ChatGPT.

4 pages


Glimpses of blindness in the World’s religions and blindness as a punishment in history.

Psychological impacts of blindness and permanent severe vision loss.

7 pages


Psychological and coping mechanisms for permanent vision loss.

Modern assistive technology that can help.

6 pages


Distinguish between macular and peripheral vision.

The role of eccentric vision.

9 pages


Historical reference to wet macular degeneration (MD).

Robert’s personal experience with wet MD.

An explanation of genetic predisposition.

Distinguish between wet and dry MD.

12 pages


Regenerative medicine ~ future possible treatments for eye diseases.

Gene and stem cell therapies and CRISPR.

Guesstimate future timelines for possible cures.

8 pages




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Losing Sight, Finding Hope ~ YouTube video, 21 March 2023, Source – AMDF.


Passio audacia periculum successum affert